Saturday, August 31, 2013

IBM Medicare Extend Health Transition Questions, Questions, Questions

I just created a list of questions for Extend Health and thought I would post them up as they might help you think about what you want to ask them as you begin to understand this change.  Also, I don't understand the HRA subsidy so ignore what I said in my last post.  I believe I am wrong about the premium subsidy going into the HRA because on page 9 of their brochure they imply that the SHAP process stays the same.  My questions so far are: 

1.       Are all the Extend Health plans traditional CMS Medicare plans that are currently in the marketplace? Will there be any unique offerings like the IBM secondary medical plan that only kicks in after $4000+ deductable?  That was not a CMS approved plan.

2.       There are no CMS approved plans for dental or vision insurance as separate plans.  Will these still be offered as separate insurance plans or is the only way to get this coverage going to be  through a Medicare Advantage plan?

3.       If the offerings are all traditional CMS plans are Medigap plans then subject to the same state rules as CMS Medigap plans?  Like not being able to switch Medigap plan types once you make a selection unless that plan type goes away.  Will Medigap plans be subject to state rules such as age rated and zip code rated premiums?

4.       Does Medigap ‘guaranteed right”  still apply even if someone only used the IBM’s prescription drug plan in 2013 and had no secondary insurance?

5.        Will there be any non-CMS structured offerings like IBM’s prescription drug offering that had no donut hole and capped at $3500 of pay out – e.g, it was a CMS qualified plan because it was creditable coverage but not at all structured like a CMS part D plan. If there are any such plans will they still be subject to the higher premium rule for higher income individuals?

6.       Your brochure (page 6) implies you will only be offering Medicare Advantage plans that include prescription drug insurance.  Is that true?

7.       Both my husband and I are IBM retirees.  Is there any financial advantage to us enrolling separately versus as husband and wife?

8.       If I don’t buy insurance through Extend Health in 2014 am I precluded from buying through the exchange in future years? I am not an Access Only retiree.  What is that?

9.       What is subsidized IBM group coverage?  My husband receives a Medicare part B premium subsidy and he gets reimbursed through SHAP reimbursement.  Your brochure implies (page 9) that the process will be the same and it is not part of the HRA process and subsidized coverage.  Is that correct?

10.    You say your current insurance pool covers about 500K users for the companies you serviced before IBM contracted with you.  What is the current typical wait time for them to get answers to their questions? When IBM retirees join the pool how big will the pool become and what is your anticipated typical wait time to accommodate that big an influx of people?

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