Monday, November 4, 2013

IBM Medicare Extend Health Enrollment Deja Vu to change part D plans - Lucky Us!!!

We just went through the enrollment process a second time to switch to new part D plans since we were not supposed to reenroll in the same plans we are using in 2013 as it would NOT allow us to access our HRA accounts. 
I continue to be astonished and furious that NO ONE from Extend Health called back to tell us about this problem after we enrolled on October 22nd.  The agents this morning verified that we would have had a problem if we did not change to new part D plans.  I actually feel sorry for the agents because they are taking the heat for the incompetence of their organization. 
It took about one hour to make this change.  I just shake my head over that too.  I should have been able to do it online in 5 minutes.  Once again, we had to talk with 3 different agents - each time verifying our information.  The best part is being able to hear the boilerplate recording yet again. 
This is onerous.  Just onerous.

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