Thursday, October 22, 2015

IBM Medicare if you STILL have problems ...

I just read new comments by a few blog readers and it appears retirees are still having service problems with OneExchange.  I posted a couple of email addresses a long while ago that might be useful if you get totally fed up and want to contact some IBM executives.  I am putting them in this post to make it easier to find them.

Dr. Rhee at is in charge of the OneExchange program.  If that doesn't work, try his boss, Barbara Brickmeier as she is the VP of HR programs.  She is at

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  1. Plato, You missed one other area where an IBM Retiree may go to get support in the event that they have gotten nowhere when dealing with the existing OneExchange support structure. The contact used to be Attila the Hun,namely me. I have been one of the major escalation points since September of 2013 and have had a good success rate in helping retirees getting issues resolved as well as getting websites and documentation improved. Now that I have said that, there will be a change in who the person will be that will take my place due to ongoing, worsening health issues on my part.

    Ron Linton (Madinpok),has graciously stepped up in answer to my request for an IBM Retiree to take over my role as the go to person for helping retirees.
    I was able to get approval from Towers Watson and IBM management for Ron to take over as my Ombudsman role for IBM Retirees and their issues with One Exchange and Payflex. I have been working with him for the past 2 weeks and he is doing very well. I will be available to work with Ron as my health issues allow so he will not just be left out there to swing in the wind.

    I sent information to him about this web site so he can sign up. His email is Some additional projects that we may tackle if we can get more volunteers is to produce an OE Hints and Tips book, both in digital form as well as hard copy for the hundreds of IBM retirees that are not on the web nor do thy have a PC to do so.
    I can still be reached at

    Attila the Hun