Monday, May 2, 2016

IBM Medicare Retiree Ombudsman for help

Until recently, Roger Meggy, an IBM retiree, has been helping people with a variety of OneExchange problems. He has had a good success rate in helping people resolve issues as well as inspiring OneExchange to improve their websites and documentation. Towers Watson and IBM management agreed to have Roger serve as an ombudsman when this transition first occurred in 2013 so he developed a unique and unfettered access to support people within those organizations for problem resolution. 
Roger can no longer do it but is passing the baton to Ron Linton who will now be a liaison.  Ron can be reached at  If you are at wits end on how to navigate OneExchange or how to remedy a problem, contact Ron. He is also seeking volunteers to help produce a hints and tips guide for IBM retirees.  
Although Roger is no longer able to do it , he can be reached at for those who want to wish him well.

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  1. Another retired IBMer, Roy Barnes, has joined me in helping with the One Exchange efforts.

    Roy created two new groups, one on Facebook and the other on Yahoo as places where we can collect information about using One Exchange, and to allow retirees to ask questions, post problems, and ask for help.

    The URLs for these groups are: